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Fire Ant Free

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Step 1

Drench Injection

All visible fire ant mounds or colonies will be eradicated using an organic insecticide drench and/or injection method.

Step 2

Bait Application

2 types of bait are applied that are picked up by foraging worker ants. The baits are then transferred to the rest of the colony as a food source as well as by contact.

Step 3

Long term care

One application will control fire ants for 12 months. Choose the 'annual renewal' option to maintain a 'Fire Ant Free Zone' from year to year.

The Fire Ant Remedy Difference

Other companies typically only spot or broadcast treat with edible baits that have a short duration of control or causes the queen and worker ants to relocate to another spot in your yard. Our 2 stage edible bait and contact system as well as mound drench treatments effectively eradicates all the colonies from the treated area for 12 months.

Good to Know

Treated areas are safe for human and animal activity immediately after treatment.

EPA approved bait

We only use EPA approved specialty fire ant baits.

Organic insecticide

We only use liquid organic insecticide drench/injection

The Red Imported Fire Ant
Solenopsis Invicta

These ants can have as many as 400,000 ants per ant colony.  If you see an ant mound, chances are that there are other colonies in the vicinity.  It is possible to have 20 or more colonies in an average size yard.  Most colonies will not have a noticeable dirt mound to identify the their location.

Fire Ant injury

Ants contain a venom in their stinger that causes an allergic reaction in most humans and pets.  The typical reaction is a painful sting followed by swelling and a white pustule.  In some cases, allergic reactions can be severe requiring medical attention.

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We stand by our 12 month Fire Ant Free Guarantee

Prompt, free service calls are provided for any re-occurring fire ant activity for 12 months following an application. Typically, less than 8% of our customers will need a service call during the 12 month guaranteed period.
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